Alexander Eatough

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alexander eatough

Conservationist, Photographer and Engineer

climate campaigner

My name is Alexander Eatough. I am a conservationist, marine and natural history photographer, and engineer seeking to address current climate and environmental issues. 

Through practiced wildlife and landscape photography, I develop conceptual imagery with the intension of provoking thoughts towards consumerism - ultimately forcing us to take admit culpability for our actions and question our ethics. Conservation has played a key role in my academic development. I was fortunate enough to be raised with a boundless love for nature and a strong desire to preserve it. Alongside practiced conservation, media, and regular volunteering, I similarly enjoy utilising my engineering skills and qualifications to design and implement sustainable engineering solutions with industry professionals.

I use my imagery extensively to provoke topical conversations between members of the community, politicians, and industry representatives, with a view to further understanding community-based fears and their driving factors.

Connecting with individuals through a common interest and a desire for sustainability is, by far, the most important aspect of my work, however. With aspirations to progress into politics, I find the most crucial tools are collaboration and a strong, understanding, and trusting relationship between members of the public and their representatives.

Facebook: Alexander C. Eatough Conservation

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