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Alina Cebula


Connecting to the mountains

Hi there!

My name is Alina and I am from Poland. I am very passionate about landscape photography. In my current project I’m exploring the connection to a natural landscape and how this affects the photographs I’m creating. I have travelled back to my roots, a small village called Kamienica in Poland where I’m spending a year trying to find and understand my connection to the mountains.

I have recently been inspired by nature writing books like “Mountains of the Mind”, “Bird Sense” and “Wild – an Elemental Journey”. Photographers that have inspired me are: Cindy Jeannon, Raechel Talibart, Simon Baxter and Jonna Jinton.

I will be exhibiting a range of landscape photographs from Tatras National Park along with a photography book.

Instagram: @alinacebula_photography

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