Caitlin Burnett


Caitlin burnett

Photographer & Filmmaker

beauty of the oceans

Hi, I’m Caitlin Burnett and I am a wildlife photographer and filmmaker, I specialise in underwater photography and marine conservation. 

Having lived in the depths of Devon, naturally I have been encompassed in woodland and surrounded by animals which is what led me to find the beauty in nature. I have been to some stunning countries which is where my passion of the ocean started many years ago.

I am currently exploring the concept of time underwater creating images with the use of motion blur presented in an abstract form. This will be displayed as a book along with my own illustrations and poems to show and share my passion for the ocean. 

I am also creating a short film underwater to show the natural beauty that is held below our feet. This is a way for the world to see how beautiful the ocean is and to express that it is dying due to our mistakes. It’s not too late to solve these problems and I want others to recognise this before giving up on the planet, if we act now then marine species have a chance at to survive too. 

Instagram: caitlinburnettphotography
LinkedIn: Caitlin Burnett

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