Eleni Vreony

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eleni vreony

Photographer & Filmmaker

Macaque: Tails of Thailand

Despite being separated from humans by around 25 million years on the evolutionary tree, macaques have shown themselves to be a highly intelligent and adaptable species. These primates find ways of thriving in both urban and remote settings, using stone tools or learning to navigate bustling city streets. ‘Tails from Thailand’ attempts to document the distinctive behaviours, social lives, and strategies for survival of the long-tailed macaque in three different environments: city, island, and forest. Through the discovery of how versatile this species is, it is hoped that we may appreciate just how similar these, our distant relatives, are to us.

Website: www.eavisual.co.uk
Email: info@eavisual.co.uk
Insta: @_elenivre

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