Our exhibitions - BRistol

We The Curious - Thursday July 11th to Saturday July 13th 2019

We are very excited to have secured a prime venue in central Bristol for our main exhibition. We The Curious (Bristol Science Museum) situated on the harbourside, has an incredible ethos around learning, education and collaborative thinking, and we are looking forward to working with them to deliver a special and rewarding event. Set over three days our exhibition will feature a number of events to help promote our work and to ensure that as many people as possible can visit us during that time. Timings are as follows:

Thursday 11th July 12pm - 5pm: Exhibition Open
Thursday 11th July 6pm: Private View (Industry & Invite Only)
Friday 12th July 9am - 5pm: Exhibition Open
Friday 12th July 6pm: ‘Whale Photographer on the Loose - an Evening with Mark Carwardine’
Saturday 13th July 9am - 5pm: Exhibition Open (includes free educational talks during the day)

Please keep these dates free in your diary.

Venue Information: https://www.wethecurious.org

This event is a student led and student funded endeavour and we are engaging in a number of fundraising and sponsorship activities to support our exhibition. Help us with our fundraising.

Our exhibitions - Cornwall

Falmouth University - Thursday May 23rd to Wednesday May 29th 2019

Our official end of year graduate exhibition hosted by Falmouth University was a complete success and we have had amazing feedback not just about our work, but also for how we utilised the space in the new ‘hub’ within the fabulous Institute of Photography building at our Penryn Campus. This has provided us with a wonderful springboard for our Bristol show and we cannot wait to do it all over again.

Here is a short video from our private view night.

(Cover image by Sabina Goldsmith)