Falli Howarth


fallon howarth

Photographer & Designer


Johannesburg born and London raised, I’ve been sculpted into a creative and cultural individual. With an innate eye for the abstract, I have found myself delving into unique photographic techniques like, microscopy and ultraviolet light. Unveiling a different view on what we see around us plays a big part in my photographic style - channeling inspiration from any avenue.

I will be exhibiting my last project from university ‘Dreamscapes’, which displays the infinite and unique results of combining ultraviolet induced visible fluorescence with the natural world. Printed onto aluminium, the natural silver enhances the fluorescence in the photographs, bringing the ‘Dreamscape’ to life.

Website: www.fallonskye.com
Instagram - @fallonskyephoto
Email: fallonskyephoto@gmail.com

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