Gemma Wearing


Gemma Wearing

Photographer & Filmmaker

inspiring marine conservation stories

My name is Gemma Wearing and I am a mature student based in Cornwall. I am extremely passionate about the marine environment and marine conservation. Specialising in underwater photography and film-making I hope to spread awareness of the conservation issues our oceans are facing, and to inspire people who haven’t yet experienced the serenity of the underwater world. One of my personal highlights of my university experience has got to be the Red Sea trip and especially the night dives. The difference in the biodiversity after the sun had set really blew me away, and I loved searching for and photographing the Red Sea Anemone Hermit Crabs for my marine symbiosis series. My passion definitely lies within film-making both topside and underwater, I think film is the perfect way to convey conservation messages and to inform the public about environmental issues. I like to document the people dedicating their lives to conservation and show the world that everyone can make a difference. I enjoy working as an independent filmmaker but I have also directed and produced successful films in Cornwall and I am also part of the Nature Watch Team.

For our exhibition I will be producing a feature length documentary ‘A Wave of Change’ - celebrating the women dedicating their lives to protecting our oceans. Women are very predominant within marine conservation yet over 40% have experienced gender inequality within their work, I think it is about time that they are acknowledged for their incredible work! We live in a society where women are highly sexualised and are under constant pressure from the media and across social media, I want this film to inspire all of the women out there who need some motivation to achieve their dreams and to send a message to all the young women out there that with a bit of hard work you can achieve anything!

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