Hattie Easton


Harriet Easton

Photographer & Storyteller

giving something back

I enjoy telling stories through my photography work. Since starting university, I have developed my photographic style into a documentative genre, from documenting donkeys, through to the different architecture and culture of different European cities and towns. I like to keep my photographs as natural as possible, allowing the subjects to speak for themselves.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved visiting the coast. Living in Leeds meant that although I was landlocked, it was only a short drive to get to the seaside. Living in Falmouth during the course of my degree has been amazing, I can walk to my nearest beach in ten minutes! My love of the beach from rock pooling to searching for sea glass has influenced my latest project. I wanted to give back as best I could and decided I would do this in form of beach cleans. I intend to do weekly beach cleans, document my findings, and then photograph them in the studio. Hopefully I will be able to draw attention to the marine litter problem, yet also create beauty out of rubbish.

Email: hattieeaston@live.co.uk
Instagram: @hattieeastonn
Website: www.hattieeaston.co.uk

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