Jack Dyble


jack dyble


macro world of leaves

I am a highly experienced photographer with a natural talent for capturing the hidden beauty in the macro world. Over the years I have developed a love and appreciation for the natural world. I have a strong creative vision to produce meaningful and impactful images.

My final project presents a series of images depicting back lit leaves in all shapes and forms. Ranging from deep reds to bright neon greens, these leaf images all present different colours and patterns. Some images are half dead, some are completely dead, but they all stand out amongst themselves. I chose to present one of them in large format due to the intricate amounts of detail that can be seen. I hope to continue this project and explore more patterns found within the macro world of leaves.

Insta: @jack_dyble_photography
Website: jackdyblephotography.co.uk
Phone: 07590391494
Email: jackdyblephotography@gmail.co.uk

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