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Jack Hill


south west birdlife

My name is Jack Hill and I am a photographer from Bristol. I am a keen lover of ornithology and birding and have been shooting and studying birdlife for the past 3 years. My project and work explores the beauty of wildlife, in particular wildlife that Is local to us and can be found in the South West of England. Many people believe that wildlife is hard to come by in the south west of England, but I believe that birdlife is fruitful in this area and can provide us with the most diverse varieties of wildlife that we can find in the UK that can’t be seen with other species. My project ‘Wild Birds of South West England and The Isles of Scilly’ was shot over a period of several months and documents the wide and broad variety of local and migratory birds that happen to appear in the wild throughout an array of different environments within this area.

Website: jekyllphotography.co.uk
Email: jekyllphotography@gmail.com and jackhilljs@gmail.com
Instagram: @jekyllphotography

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