James Chapman

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james chapman

Photographer & Filmmaker

south west birdlife

Currently based in Cornwall, UK, I am an adventure photographer, filmmaker and qualified drone pilot. Passionate about the outdoor world, I work to capture the spirit of adventure within his photography, in the hope of inspiring others to see and immerse themselves within its wonders.

I am known for images that document the adventurous elements involved within an expedition, wether it be through ice climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking or paragliding, I will capture these moments through photography and film to tell the story.

My final project for University is called ‘Out There - A voice from the wild’ and is a visual and narrative journey encompassing the beauty of being solo in the wilderness. The film is shot with the legendary “Godfather” of long-distance walking, Chris Townsend and is narrated by the eloquent Scotsman Gary Brown.

Telephone: 07807155723
Website: www.jchapmanadventures.com
Instagram: @jchapman_photography

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