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Joe Sullivan


awe inspiring landscape

Hello, I am Joe Sullivan and I am from South Wales. My personal interests in photography vary, I like to try to explore new styles and techniques, to help build my knowledge around the subject. However, I really enjoy animal portraits and landscape photography. I love to capture the character of an animal and have the viewer connect with the animal.

Mountains and seascapes are my favourite styles of landscape photography. I find myself captured by the natural beauty of the landscape. Whenever I am by the sea, I get a real sense of place, it’s where I belong. I am in awe of Rachael Talibart’s seascapes, and aspire to produce work to a similar level. Although I love the coast, nothing can beat a good mountain top view, looking over miles of land.

I personally prefer stills to moving image, but I am interested in trying to expand on my moving image knowledge. For my exhibition, I will be exhibiting my work from my trip to Scotland, as well as a couple of my favourite images over the course of the last three years.

To keep up to date on my work, check out my Instagram @joesullivanphotography, where I post all of my recent shoots.

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