Kate Gibson


Kate Gibson

Photographer & Illustrator

human perspectives…

Hello! I'm Kate Gibson. A photographer and illustrator from Plymouth, Devon. With a passionate interest in environmental portraiture and lifestyle imagery. I use photography as a way to explore and document people in the natural world. Living by the sea for most of my life has heavily inspired my style of photography, creating minimalist styled images and romanticised seascapes.

The work of Martin Parr, Christy McDonald, Joe Greer and Paul Abbitt have all helped inspire my direction of documentary photography. I find the relationship between humans and the natural world fascinating and love experimenting with this concept in a clean, contemporary style of photography.

I also use illustration and drawing as a way to capture the faces and places around me, I have done this from a young age and believe that 'people watching' is a great way to see our surroundings from another perspective and look at the world in a different light.

For my final year project, I have been exploring the relationship between humans and the ocean through minimalist landscapes. I hope to share the narratives and stories of people at the beach, giving insight into how the ocean helps the mind and body.

Website: www.kategibsonphotography.com
Instagram: @kate__gibson

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