Keith Jones


Keith Jones

Photographer & Filmmaker

eco highland adventures

Born in Barry, South Glamorgan to a father who had an interest in photography and darkroom under the stairs. My first camera at 14 was a Fed, a soviet camera. I built up the lens collection and even had a bellows for some early macro shots, hard work since it wasn’t through the lens focusing.

I can’t remember a time that I haven’t been interested in natural history and was fortunate to spent some 6 years in the Scottish Highlands, walking, guiding, taking photos and sometimes just looking. One of my best days out was watching a Golden Eagle and a Peregrine hunting together and sharing a meal.

Some 30 years as an accountant, specialising in Internal audit and latterly a business consultant, I finally decided that the call of the wild was for me. Currently completing a Marine and Natural History Photography degree in Falmouth, loving every minute and having my outlook changed.

Inspired in Natural History by Charles Darwin and Dr. Joseph Bronowski, I was fortunate to go the Galapagos and see Darwin’s Finches, one of the foundations of the “Evolution of the Species”, a wonderful place that stole a piece of my heart.

Transitioning into a passionate ethical wildlife photographer, with a skill for teaching I am looking forward to the professional world of creativity, leading individual and group tours and teaching people to get the best from their camera.

I am currently investigating how I can develop into Eco Counselling and taking people into the countryside to discover nature and how to capture their creative side.


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