Kori Burgess-Noad

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Kori Burgess-Noad

Photographer & Filmmaker

the human story

I have a strong interest in capturing and documenting human activity within the natural world. Whether that is how humans are affected by nature or how we use nature for our benefit, be it for positive or negative effects. What draws me to portraiture is that each individual is unique and different to photograph, and with so many people involved in the natural world, this enables me to meet some very interesting and intriguing characters.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from social media platforms, such as Instagram, where I have discovered some of my favourite up and coming photographers like Max Miechowski, who specialises in portraiture and documentary photography. He is able to create a scene by using only a few photographs, by taking a wide establishing shot then focusing in on the details within that scene, whether it’s having a direct connection or a looser one, perhaps through similar colours themes or lighting.

I still also enjoy gaining inspiration by flicking through photobooks, which I feel are still an important asset for a photographer even in such an age where we are heavily saturated with technology. I became intrigued by portraiture photography whilst reading “In the American West” by Richard Avedon. His great ability to capture a model’s story just through their eyes and only a simple pose, really made me love his work. His techniques are so a simplistic and minimalistic.

I work mainly in stills photography, but love using analogue film in all formats. There is such a rewarding feeling of seeing a successful roll of developed film, and more importantly, for me, the tactility that the whole process of working with film provides enables me to connect with the image more.

Over the course of the exhibition, I will be showcasing images from a selection of projects. Firstly, “From High Seas to Harbour”, which is an exploration into the local fishing industry within Newlyn, Cornwall. The project looks closely at how the catches are handled and distributed through the fish market, which is held every morning after each catch.

Secondly, I will display images and journals from my most recent project “Shokunin”, which comes from the Japanese word craftsman or artisan. This exhibition will cover the artisan craft scene within Cornwall, exampling how humans use nature’s gifts to handmake pieces of art and objects that can be displayed and used within everyday life. The journals contain images of the craftspeople, their work and their workshops, which are then accompanied by short bio stories and their work.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kori.burgess.noad/