Lewis Easdown

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Lewis Easdown

Photographer & Filmmaker

rat tales

My Name is Lewis, I am a photojournalist and film maker, originally from Manchester, with a love of storytelling and of course the natural world.

I like to focus on underappreciated subjects and the human element that goes with them, just like in my most recent work ‘Rat Tales’.

‘Rat Tales’ is a journalistic stills project that follows human relationships with nature’s greatest survival experts, Rats. Found on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica, Brown Rats have adapted to urban environments at a stellar rate and are now found wherever humans live.

The story covers a broad range of subjects, including rats as pets and as pests, all the way to the downright bizarre space rats occupy in modern ‘art’, with an aim to show that the lives of these rodents are every bit as diverse as the people that interact with them.

Website: www.lewiseasdownphotography.com
Email: lewiseasdown@gmail.com
Instagram: @lewiseasdownphotography

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