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luke paulley

Adventure Photographer & Filmmaker

visual power

My name is Luke and I’m a 21 year old adventure photographer and filmmaker from Buckinghamshire, currently living in Cornwall. I’m in my element when travelling and exploring wild places that challenge me to think creatively in order to get the unique shots I’m looking for.

For my most recent project I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and focus on the urban environment. I’m going to be creating a short film on London that will capture the amazing energy and motion of the city and the spirit of the people that call it home. I will be relying purely on the power of the visuals to engage and connect with my audience.

In developing my own style I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from travel filmmakers such as Sam Kolder and Benn TK, whose incredible videos have had a big influence on the way that I shoot.

However, I’m also greatly inspired by expedition documentary style films such as ‘Meru’ where filmmakers are forced to push their physical boundaries and think on their feet to capture the perfect moments as they happen.

These are skills that I ultimately hope to bring to the world of expedition and adventure filmmaking.

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Instagram: @luke_paulley
Facebook: @lukepaulleyfilm


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