Lydia Thomas


lydia thomas

Photographer & Filmmaker

humans in the landscape

At the age of 16, I combined my love of biology and geography with my passion for travel through photography. My initial interest in animal behaviour urged me to explore terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems through both digital photography and microscopy. 

Throughout my time at University, my engagement with Humanitarian Aid organisations has evolved. Traveling between Kenya and Tanzania in my free time, I have documented the work of different charities centring their efforts around water security, sanitation, and children’s rights. This work expanded my interest and urged me to look into human relationships with the natural world. 

Throughout the past year, I have been focusing my written work around how Social and Therapeutic Horticulture could lead to improved overall health within the UK. It became apparent to me that the main solutions came from the natural world. The modern world of manmade elements and digital screens not only pressures the mind; but also, the relationships we have with each other. 

My exhibited work explores the relationship that humans have with the landscape beyond the fast-modern world which we have created. Reflecting on the past and exploring Britain’s wild lands, the book supports whimsical thoughts and questions of the forgotten spaces which we should all find time to connect with.

Instagram: @lydiathomas_photography 

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