Martha Simons

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Martha Simons

Photographer & Filmmaker

rockpool mysteries…

Hello, I’m Martha Simons and I’m a photographer and filmmaker from North Yorkshire.

I mainly specialise in wildlife photography. However, I also have an extensive love for marine photography and the natural world, including conservational and environmental issues.

One of my favourite mediums to work with is analog film, as I love the journey the whole process takes you on for taking the photograph all the way through to the finished work of art. The possibilities film grants you with are endless.

Two of my photography inspirations are Mark Power and Alex Hartley, as they both have an effortless ability to capture the beauty of the natural world in the works they produce.

For our exhibition I will be showcasing a film which will be illustrating the mysterious and hidden beauties of Cornish rockpools and why they are vital to our ecosystem.

Instagram: @marthasimonsphotography

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