Megan Binns


Megan Binns


Abstract emotions

My name is Megan Binns and I’m originally from South Wales. I generally love photographing all living creatures and any opportunity to work with animals is something I’m very grateful for. When possible, I also love to travel and relish exploring new cultures as well as immersing myself in the physical landscape of locations. I love to create documentary style images to tell a story but also enjoy experimenting with abstract work to create emotive pieces. More specifically, I am interested in alternative ways of communicating conservation issues through image making with the use of mixed medium. In the project I am currently working on I am combining the art of embroidery with analogue photography. With a focus on oceanic pollution, I am creating abstract images with the aim to raise awareness of pollutants that are less considered with the final outcome of an installation and book which will be exhibited.

Throughout my time at university I have had the chance be inspired by a number of people, movies and books. I have particularly been inspired by creatives such as Chris Burkard, Matthew Brandt, Michel d’Oultremont, Nicholas Steinberg, Alex Mustard, Clark Little, Natalie Sweeney, Ana Teresa Barboza and Gruet Florian.

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