Poppy Rampling

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Poppy Rampling

Photographer & Filmmaker

A natural inspiration…

I am a photographer and filmmaker from East Sussex. I usually specialise in travel photography and wildlife. For my current project, I am putting my love of non-native wildlife and locations aside to work on a project within the UK and with people.

I am creating a magazine showcasing a series of photo-stories featuring conservationists, artists, naturalists and people who use nature as inspiration for their work. I am focussing on their connections with the natural world and what has influenced them to lead these lifestyles.

I am curious about how the subject has been influenced by the natural world and the starting points for their work. I am also interested in exploring how their work impacts their lives.

Website: https://poppyrampling.wixsite.com/photography
Instagram: @poppyramplingphoto

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