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Hi, my names Sabina Goldsmith. I am an avid photographer from Selsey but I’m currently based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Living right on the seafront, both at home and at university, gives me a sense of home wherever I am. I have loved taking photos for as long as I can remember and the beach is an everchanging landscape that I love capturing, whether I’m standing with my toes in the sand or actually under the waves! I enjoy both terrestrial and underwater photography, so I think of myself as a diverse photographer and over these three years I have developed a unique style.

As I have become more aware of the environmental damage and change happening to our planet, my passion to protect and conserve species and ecosystems has increased tenfold! I actively try to make a difference in my everyday life as well as within my images. While researching for my dissertation I found three photographic artists that have wildly influenced my work and style of photography. They are Chris Jordan, Mandy Barker and Vik Muniz. Since dissecting their visionary approaches I have a new found love for abstract and progressive work. I enjoyed investigating the power of the conceptual and I feel this is what my work is now about. Delivering both a message and creating a beautiful piece of art.

I also take influences from Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse and any other abstract artist of the 20th Century! I love the vibrant colours and geometric shapes they use. I love the randomness but also the precision of the images too! I think this constant contrast is really effective and it’s definitely something I see appearing in my work now.

I love working with both film and digital! I think film gives photographs a realness and a fantastic level of detail. I also love the fact that you’re involved in every part of creating the image, from loading the camera to developing it i and then enlarging and printing the image. I think this allows the photographer to really connect with the images they produce. It gives them a respect for the craft, and also means they take care and effort with every image that they take and produce as one wrong move can ruin all your photographs. Digital gives you hundreds of images at the touch of a button, and so this ease of being able to take images is really great for catching moments as they’re happening. It also gives you an easier way to share your images across many platforms. Both have helped me develop who I am as a photographer and I will carry on using both mediums to produce my work.

This year I’ve been exploring the question ‘Is photography an art or a science?. I have found that photomicrography has been the best way to answer this as it has its roots in science, but the images I have been producing are abstract art. I have enjoyed this investigation so far and can’t wait to carry it on. I will be exhibiting a few multimedia images that encompass a variety of art forms, as well as more experimentation with classic photomicrography.

Twitter: @SabinaG_Photo
Instagram: @sabinagoldsmith_photography
Website: TBC

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