Saffron Cawley


Saffron Cawley

Artist & Photographer

nature and art

Hello! I’m Saffron a multi-disciplinary artist based in Cornwall. My main focus is creating clean and classic design through the use of photography, digital design, branding and print. My passion lies in my love for travel and documenting moments that normally go unseen. For me photography is a way of making intentional memories, and to tell stories of my travels. Whether working with photography or design my work always involves the natural world and the landscapes that inspire me.

My work takes a very hands-on approach, whether that be slowing down the process of photography by shooting film, or creating tangible prints and zines to showcase my work. I am always looking for new ways in which people can engage with my work.

Every day I am motivated by the natural world, however, my main inspirations come from historical art movements, the beauty within the renaissance era, minimalism within art deco, taking inspiration from many forms of art. My work is motivated by the idea of beauty and finding romanticism within the natural world, and I hope to continue creating engaging imagery highlighting this beauty.

My final major project ‘Forming Landscapes’ is a photographic and illustrative project, focusing on the textures and form within nature, building a relationship between how certain textures make us feel and how we connect to certain landscapes. Using the snowy mountain peaks within the Swiss Alps to document how the idea of snow being pure makes us feel towards the natural world. Using images, collages and textiles to demonstrate this.

To keep up-to-date with my recent work and travels follow me on social media or my website; @saffcawley //

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