Tierney Lloyd


Tierney Lloyd

Photographer & Filmmaker

a rewilding adventure

My name is Tierney Lloyd and I am from the highlands of Scotland. Although I have an interest in many conservation issues, my main passion lies with the rewilding movement in Scotland, and also reconnecting people to the natural world.

Through multi-media platforms such as film, video, writing and art, I hope to create innovative work that encourages the human population to enjoy the outdoors, hoping that people will then have a further interest in preserving it. I believe that the key to interest and further work in conservation lies with the general population and their interest in the natural world. If we are to reconnect with nature, we are more likely to be interested in being educated about it, and in turn conserve it.

Michel D’Oultremont, Art Wolfe, Neil Aldridge and the work of the creatives at ‘SCOTLAND: The Big Picture’ have all played a major role in influencing the development of my work and interests.

I will be exhibiting film and stills exploring the importance of rewilding to the human population in Scotland as I believe this is an unrepresented but crucial part of the rewilding movement. As well as this, an immersive collection of work that explores various natural habitats will be displayed, with the hope of inspiring people to enjoy nature.