William Tanner


William Tanner

Photographer & Filmmaker

British woodlands

Hi, my name is William Tanner and I am from Suffolk, in the UK. I have been attracted to plants over last couple of years and I like to tell their stories. Plants are so different to everything in the animal kingdom, they move through time at a different pace than us, live to great ages and preform incredible feats of chemical engineering. I think there is always an interesting story to tell about plants.

My main influences are:

Sandra Bartocha, photographer
Suzanne Simard, scientist
Simon Kenny, painter
Audun Rikardsen, photographer
Emily Garthwaite, photographer

I use digital stills mostly but I also use alternative mediums such as cyanotypes. I want to develop a conservation story on British woodland and the people working within them, protecting them and those trying to give forests more space to grow.

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